Do It Yourself Installation Guide

Before diving into a project unprepared, consider the most common pitfalls. Overlooked building regulations, poorly set posts, and insufficient prep work can create problems that quickly eat into those savings and shorten the life of a fence. If you want your vinyl fence project to stand as a testament to your DIY abilities for a long time, you’ll need to make sure you follow some important dos and don’ts laid out in our installation guide.

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Prepare the Yard

Before you even put a shovel into the ground, be sure to call the utility companies such as gas, telephone, cable & hydro. In B.C. we use BC One Call, it is an easy online form that will ensure you will not accidentally dig into buried utility lines. This can be VERY costly for you and also could result in injury or even death. It is about a week turn-around so plan ahead. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

If you plan to install the fence along the edge of your yard, verify property lines by checking for your metal corner pins or checking your land survey. While this step may seem inconvenient, it’s certainly preferable to digging up a fence you inadvertently built on your neighbour’s property!

Once you’ve located the utility lines and established your property line, mark the lines of your fence with a can of brightly coloured spray paint. Finally, clear away any rocks, plants, or debris that might be in the way and note any slope. (Slopes over 4-5 degrees will require special routering of posts and possibly more material.)

Choose Which Option You Would Like for Installation
There are three different options to install post with our vinyl fencing system.

Steel Post & Collars

Concreted into the hole.


Long Vinyl Post Only

Concreted into the ground.

DIY Usual Choice


Concrete Mount with Steel Post, Collars & Flange Adapter

Existing concrete must be in good condition and at least 6” thick.


Please see the installation guide and decide which option would be easiest for your fence. All options have been tested are equally strong against wind.

Our installation guide covers the steps for each type of installation. There is great info in our FAQ section also.

Once you have your ducks in a row, call the office at 250-319-4224 or go to our online quote link at the top of the page.  We have a fast turn around.

Vinyl Fence
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